The Bouncers

The Stribe Bouncers

Are your clinical photos lacking that magic polish and leave you wondering what you’re doing wrong?

Your light might be too harsh on those pearly whites.

If you're looking to improve the quality of your photography, investing a light modifiers like the Stribe Bouncers can have a HUGE impact on your clinical photography.  A bouncer is a type of light modifier that is used to soften the light on your subject, creating a more natural and pleasing look.

The way a bouncer works is by reflecting the light from your flash and redirecting it in a way that softens harsh shadows and reduces the overall contrast. This results in a more flattering and natural-looking image, with more even lighting across the subject.

Bouncers are particularly useful for portrait photography, where you want to highlight the features of your subject without creating harsh shadows or overexposure.

With our customized bouncer kit, you get TWO bouncers, multiple ways to attach them to your flash system and a great an instructional video by Dr. Andi Miro that will help to take those photos to the next level.

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