Stribe was born out of our desire for a better experience as dentists. We were dedicated to providing the best patient care possible, but we also fumbled, made mistakes, spent money on continuing education courses we didn't like, and definitely felt alone at some points. We couldn’t find the community and enrichment that met our standards as healthcare professionals. We were motivated to build something that we wanted to use, something we felt was missing in dentistry.

Stribe is a comprehensive place for learning, growth, and connection, fueled by the members that give it life. It’s for dentists who want to continuously improve their practice, and spend time around others with the same aspirations. Since launching in 2020 we’ve evolved to offer even better course programming, cult-status custom products, and most recently a digital token with real world benefits for dentists.

We’re dentists just like you, and we love it here.

Dr. Andi-Jean Miro


Dr. Andi-Jean Miro is the Co-Founder of Stribe and currently practices dentistry with the Apa Rosenthal group in NYC, which she joined in 2014. Dr. Miro earned her dental degree from New York University College of Dentistry, where she completed a one-year advanced clinical concentration in Aesthetic Dentistry. She then went on to complete a prestigious one-year Clinical Residency in Brooklyn, NY.

Dr. Miro is passionate about dental continuing education, attending nearly 300 hours a year and teaching Stribe’s flagship courses. Through Stribe, she hopes to bring high quality dental education to the masses in an accessible way.  Dr. Miro was the recipient of the "Rising Star Evy Award" in 2017 from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is a member ambassador for the organization.

Dr. Miro holds several academic teaching positions:

  • Assistant Clinical Professor, Aesthetic Dentistry Department at New York University College of Dentistry

  • Clinical instructor and Lecturer, Rosenthal Institute Hands on Aesthetic Advantage Continuing Education program in New York.

Dr. Ilon Choai


Dr. Ilon Choai is the Co-Founder of Stribe, which he built after envisioning the platform in 2018 while still in Dental school. Dr. Choai graduated from New York University College of Dentistry in 2019, completing a highly competitive honors program treating survivors of torture and domestic abuse in conjunction with Bellevue Hospital. Dr. Choai completed his General Practice Residency post-graduate training at the Mount Sinai Hospital in 2020.

Dr. Choai has a deep love for photography, videography (and dentistry, of course). He combines these interests by teaching other dentists the importance of clinical photography and video marketing to propel their practice in the age of social media. Dr. Choai brings to his career a wide range of skills, equal parts technical, creative, and compassionate.


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