The Art of Ceramic

a two day hands-on masterclass


This intense 2-day Hands on course was designed to take your cosmetic dentistry to the next level. Participants will learn every step of our workflow and have the ability practice the hands on techniques live during the course. Our goal is to take the mystery out of doing cosmetic cases and teach our predictable protocols from start to finish. 

Everything from consultations, patient management, all the way to lab communication, photography, preparation design and temporization techniques as well as cementation will be covered. This unique combination of lectures combined with hands on exercises will make this a two day event not to be missed.

Take a deep dive into our intensive two day course itinerary - We packed in so many great hands on experiences that you will hands down find nowhere else besides our course. 

Day 1

- Learn the full New Patient Experience Protocol- Digital and Analog Records, Photography Protocol, Consultation Language, Consultation Direct Mockup technique (Hands On) 

- Aesthetic Treatment Planning: Facially Driven Treatment planning and case review from simple to complex treatment planning

- Direct Mockup Intraoral Design: Addition & Addition/ Reduction Mockup Techniques and exercises (Hands On) 

​- Prep Design: Simple to complex preparation - Learn the tips and tricks to make your preparations as minimal as possible (Hands On) 

​- Temporization: Learn and Exercise both the Lock and Load technique as well as the Pull and Trim Technique of making provisionals (hands on) 

Day 2

- Case Discussion -Direct Mockup Intraoral Design- Learn how to do an Addition/ Reduction Mockup on a patient of Dr. Andi’s. You will use flowable composite to perform an addition/ reduction mockup on the case presented.

- Learn step by step how to create shapes, add, reduce and carve until you have the facially driven design perfected. 

​- Learn our workflow for lab communication: Intraoral scanning, Measurements, color discussion and communication. 

​- Learn our try in and bonding protocol then cement the above case (Hands On)

 What to expect:

-Light Fare Coffee and Snacks throughout the day 

-Onsite Lunch both days provided for you

-Cocktail Hour after Day 1 Quality Meats (Across the street)

-Dress code: Fun Casual


We Look forward to meeting you and are excited for the start of your Art of Ceramic journey! 

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